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IM Loggy

Who: Zalbag Beoulve and Alma Beoulve
When: Sept 7th, timestamps
What: aftermath of the soap opera plot
Warnings: None

I could understand why you'd be so rebellious towards them...Collapse )

Two IMs, both during the massive IC chat

Who: Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough
When: earlier
What: bringing up that one dreaded topic
Warnings: angry/embarrassed Cloud

Unfortunately.Collapse )

Who: Cloud Strife and Reno
When: earlier also, about the same time at Aerith
What: Cloud is really angry at Reno
Warnings: the usual

Not my fault my ass.Collapse )

Chatroom transcript

Took place not too long ago, with timestamps! And no formatting because LJ is a jackass and truncates everything on their server on any entries bigger than 64 kb, those assholes.

textCollapse )


IM Log

Who: Reno and Ashe Bkjdfljdfkljsf
When: Tonight
What: Questions about dead people
Warnings: None

Read more...Collapse )


2 IM Logs

Who: Cloud Strife and Zack Fair
When: last night, timestamps
What: soap opera!
Warnings: none XD - short

What the fuck, 'que'.Collapse )

Who: Cloud Strife and Reno
When: last night
What: same deal
Warnings: none?

You THINK we have gin.Collapse )


Who: Basch and Balthier
When: last Night
What: Chatter
Warnings: None

Read more...Collapse )

Aug. 13th, 2009

Who: Ashe and Balthier
When: Last night.
What: Talking about various things, including Ashe's ring, Vayne, and Reks' sudden appearance.
Warnings: None.

Read more...Collapse )

IM LOG (wut)

Who:Basch and Ashe
When: Last Night
What: Chat about a certain dead boy
Warnings: None

Basch? Have I reached Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg?Collapse )

IM log - backdated

Who: Cloud Strife and Zack Fair
When: Sunday night 8/9 into Monday 8/10
What: chatter, talking about coming back to Aegean
Warnings: None

Don't ask because I don't know.Collapse )

Finishing the Plot

Who: Link, Sasuke, Zelda/Sheik
When: During the previous event. (This is the remaining of the log that wasn't finished.)
What: Beating some shadows.
Warnings: Lots of fighting? That, and Sasuke used his Sharingan, which is pretty creepy.

Note: Zelda-mun! I left Sheik/Zelda and their dealings with their shadows open because it felt weird controlling them for you. You may assume what you think they did! And to the mods, I did receive permission from Zelda-mun to control her characters. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Finishing what we left off...Collapse )



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